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Read about our past and current projects. At TID we conduct both academic and artistic research.

Designing the Future: Exploring the Role of Design in Systemic Transformations

Participants: Adeline Hvidsten, Ranvir Rai, Anna Kirah, Tora Norberg, Vårin Alme (FFI)

Project period: 2022-2023

Can you touch a system? How do you change it? This interdisciplinary (pre)project explores how we learn about, represent and transform systemic issues through design of practice, organizations and policy. This exploratory study, which goes to the core of an identified paradox of systemic design related to representation, has the overarching research question: “How might we address the gap between theory and practice in design for systemic transformation?” The aim of the pre-project is to create a theoretical and methodological starting point for the main project.

The project is funded by Kristiania for 2023.

Designing Educational Wargames (external project)

Participants: Vårin Alme (FFI) & Adeline Hvidsten

Project period: 2021-2023

«Designing Educational Wargames» er et forskningsprosjekt som undersøker bruken av spill (“wargames”) som pedagogisk verktøy innen høyere utdanning. Målet med prosjektet er å bidra til kunnskapsutvikling innen dette til nå underteoretiserte forskningsfeltet gjennom publikasjoner, annen kunnskapsformidling og design og gjennomføring av spill.

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