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These are some of the current projects undertaken by researchers at our lab.

Feel free to contact us if you want to get involved! 

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Designing the Future: Exploring the Role of Design in Systemic Transformations

Funded by Kristiania University College´s Crossdisciplinary funds (2023). 

Adeline Hvidsten, Anna Kirah & Ranvir Rai

Hvidsten, A. & Kirah, A. (2024). Relics and resources: Representing complexity in service and systemic design. In Proceedings of RSD11: POSSIBILITIES & PRACTICES OF SYSTEMIC DESIGN. 13-16 October, University of Brighton, UK.


Designing Educational Wargames

A Collaboration between Kristiania and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). 


Vårin Alme & Adeline Hvidsten

Alme, V. and Hvidsten, A., 2022. To Learn or not to Learn: On the Importance of Mode Switching in Educational Wargames. Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies, 5(1), p.269–281.


Alme, V. and Hvidsten, A. 2023. Hva må til for å lære gjennom spill i undervisningen?  

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